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IBM Spectrum Scale
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Moonwalk and IBM offer turn-key solutions for today's storage challenges

Unstructured data is growing at the rate of 62% per year.

More than 93% of all stored data is unstructured.

70% of file data has not been accessed in at least a year.

Built to support high performance storage, hybrid and multi-cloud

S3 Integration

Enterprise Storage Support

Cloud Open

Industry standard integration, validated for IBM Storage and Cloud.

Native and protocol support for Isilon, NetApp and Windows File Systems.

Built-in support for IBM Cloud, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud and Aliyun.

Validated for IBM Storage & Cloud.

IBM Spectrum Discover

Spectrum Discover Integration

Native integration with Spectrum Discover's Action Agent API delivers object/file content search, deep inspection and data mobility for billions of files and exabytes of data. 

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IBM Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Store Integration

S3 protocol support for IBM COS extends the reach of our object solutions providing transparent cloud access for NetApp, Isilon and Windows File Systems. 

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Understand your data and take action.



Enterprise storage is analyzed for redundant, non-compliant or inactive datasets



Selected datasets are relocated to IBM storage, reducing the consumption of file servers by up to 80%



Transparent to end users and applications, Moonwalk software automatically restores file content on demand

Real Benefits

Dynamic Storage

Reduced TCO

User Friendly

Rapid ROI

Advanced software and platform integration stores data at the right place, at the right time

Inactive datasets are moved to IBM Storage reducing the total cost of storage by > 35% 

Moonwalk preserves existing file metadata, automatically streaming content on demand

Storage upgrades are required less frequently, resulting in ROI in fewer than 2 years

Respond to the challenges you face.

Don't react - respond. IBM and Moonwalk have the services and technology to transform your digital universe. Download the solution whitepaper and register for a free data assessment today.

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