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Advanced Data Management + the Power of IBM Storage & AI

IBM Spectrum Discover

Content and metadata search plus the power of dynamic workload placement.

Improved data economics, governance and analytics




AI Workflows

Data Governance & Compliance

Data Analysis

Search exabytes of data and billions of records in seconds

Inspect and classify files and objects as sensitive or compliance-relevant

Automatically tag data for custom insight and search content for discovery

Real Benefits

Dynamic Storage

Reduced TCO

Data Insights

Better AI

Advanced software and platform integration stores data at the right place, at the right time

Inactive datasets are moved to IBM COS, reducing the total cost of storage by > 35% 

Visibility of file and object datasets across multi-vendor storage environments

Data mapping, discovery and dataset identification for automated AI pipeline orchestration

Respond to the challenges you face.

Don't react - respond. IBM and Moonwalk have the services and technology to transform your digital universe. Download the solution whitepaper today.

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